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Are you unemployed, underemployed or stuck in a dead end job?

Are you looking to start a career, or get yours back on track? Are the traditional job search methods not working for you? Then you need the Tough Love Career Planning System! With this system you will discover the following:
  • The two factors that most influence your job search (and traditional search methods never address).
  • The best book for your job search that no one else is using (even though it is has been in print since 2005 and sells on Amazon for less than $20).
  • Why spending hours writing and editing your resume and cover letter is virtually wasted time.
  • The five underlying job search assumptions most people rely on that are totally wrong!

Written By An Industry Expert

My name is Randy Samsel and I have created the Tough Love Career Planning System to help people with their careers. Since 1986 I have been in the executive search and placement industry after receiving an MBA from the Wharton School, a top ten MBA program and part of the University of Pennsylvania. During that time I have helped thousands of people with their job searches.

Surprisingly many - if not most -have no career plan, and use poor search techniques. With the Tough Love Career Planning System, I provide the tools and techniques that will give you a major advantage in your job search, including the following:

  • How to recognize if your career is already off track.
  • The six steps to put your career on the right track - and keep it there.
  • The essential information to include on a resume and cover letter - and the one item to never use (yet almost everyone does).
  • The seven steps to interviewing success, and the three most common interview mistakes that could end your candidacy!
  • The approach to a new job that will help put you on the fast-track to career success - or put you on the unemployment line if mishandled!
  • The three steps that can rescue your career if all else fails!

How Much Is Your Career Worth?

Some professional job search companies charge individuals thousands of dollars just to help with their resume and provide a list of companies to contact. Outplacement firms charge companies five to ten percent of a fired executive's annual salary to provide similar career advice and job search help.

Our corporate clients pay us tens of thousands of dollars to hire individuals who use these same techniques!

But you can have all the tools and information listed above for only $49.00! This is a tremendous value. Do you wonder if $49.00 is too much to spend to help secure your financial future? Ask yourself this question - if you are unwilling to invest in your career, why should anyone else?

But act now. Every day that passes while you are stuck in a dead-end job or, worse yet, between jobs erodes your marketability. Order now to get started right away!

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